Meet the Team: Evie

None of what is happening at Bloom would be possible without the incredible team behind it. With our Meet the Team Series, we are introducing the individuals who are working hard to make all of this possible. 

Now it's time to meet, Evie, our beloved baker and Project Manager turned Front-End Developer

evie portrait. front-end developer


Where were you born and raised, Evie?

I was born in Seattle, WA, and have been here ever since!

What do you love most about Seattle?

I love the surrounding nature here – being able to travel for only an hour and be in the mountains, or on an island, is pretty great.

If you could move to any wine region which would it be and why?

Marlborough, New Zealand. I think wine from New Zealand is surprisingly underrated, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. One of my goals in life is to move down there and become a shepherd who makes small batch wines on the side. 

Favorite part about working at Bloom?

Definitely the people. The ones in the office, and our clients. 

What wine region is currently at the top of your bucket list?

The Rhone region of France! 

Favorite wine & food pairing? 

I love a Lambrusco, on the sweeter side, paired with a really spicy vindaloo curry. In the summer months though, I think there’s nothing better than a Mourvèdre Rosé with grilled peaches and mascarpone. 

What books are you currently reading?

Well Mara and I have a Lord of the Rings book club in the office, so we’re currently reading through Appendix A of Book 3. On the side, I just picked up the Wheel of Time series and I’m really excited to start! 

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of?

Really cheesy, low budget sci fi movies. They’re never not entertaining.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

  1. Learn how to sail and go on a solo sailing trip through the Greek islands
  2. Hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan
  3. Write an epic fantasy novel and publish it


OK quick answer!

Podcast or book? Book all the way

Texting or talking? Talking since I’m terrible at texting

Invisibility or super strength? Invisibility

Cake or pie? Tarts

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? LOTR

Tea or coffee? Tea

Ocean or mountains? Both, together.

Climb a mountain or jump from a plane? Jump from a plane!

Ninjas or pirates? Pirates

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster? Tiny elephant! So cute.



Who is the best pupper in the whole world?


Photos by Mara Dillinger