Bloom is located in Seattle, Wa. We're an old company with a new product. Everything we've done over the last 20 years has lead us to where we are today: becoming one of the most experienced Shopify partners in our region, and a sought-after creative agency for wineries.

One of Amazon's first designers

Ply Interactive takes shape

Ply meets Washington State Wine

Our first Shopify website

Bloom: The future of selling wine online

What makes Bloom unique?

Bloom isn't just software, it's a growth platform.

At its core, Bloom is a Shopify app that provides all the features a small winery needs to sell wine, direct to consumers. To help wineries grow we also provide: website design, photography, video, label design, brand cards, signage, logos, SEO and SEM, email template design, and all sorts of other digital marketing services. Bloom includes anything that helps wineries sell more wine and save more time.

The best service we provide is customer service.

We're not saying this because it's what you want to hear. We mean it. After 20 years of working with clients, we know it's paramount that you are happy. Our preferred method of communication is face-to-face, but we also commonly assist our east-of-the-mountains partners via video or phone call. We want to talk, not type.

We reimagine, and never reinvent.

It's easy to be a copycat, but that doesn't move us forward. When building Bloom, we constantly ask ourselves if what we're doing has already been done. If it has, we find a way to integrate with the best existing solution. If it hasn't been done right, we research, ask questions, and test new ideas. Then we build a solution using advanced software development techniques. Why would we ever attempt to build a service that sends emails to customers? MailChimp has mastered the art and science of sending emails. Bloom integrates with MailChimp so you can use the best solution available, then we can focus on you, and not reinventing the wheel. We approach everything we build with this mindset.

Design drives every decision.

Great design doesn't just look good. It's functional, useful, and innovative. There isn't a single feature in Bloom, or on a client's website that didn't originate from a designer’s sketch. Everything we build was thoughtfully considered by our design team, then reviewed with developers, and improved upon. We know that great design builds trust in customers, converts visitors into buyers, and bolsters the high-quality attributes of your brand. Great design is what will power your growth.

Pricing and cost transparency.

Have you ever signed up for a service only to find the cost quoted to you much lower than on your first invoice? Or after you began using the service you realize that you need to purchase add-ons to get it to work as advertised? Not with Bloom. Before you spend a single penny, we outline the total monthly and yearly costs—FOR EVERYTHING—required to use Bloom for your winery business. The last thing we want is for you to feel like we weren't clear on the total costs of ownership.

Washington State's pioneering spirit.

Washington State has a unique mix of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, scientists, artists, and dare-devils. The climate in our state is ripe for a service like Bloom—one that will disrupt the status-quo, to try something new, and rethink how to help small wineries gain ground in a competitive market. Let's grow!